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Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung Galaxy X

The shocking news from Samsung that has been rumored to be launching its first folding screen phone called Galaxy X in early 2019, precisely at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 event in Barcelona, ​​Spain, in February.

In the near future, the South Korean electronics giant reportedly will also introduce the Galaxy S10 flagship smartphone at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, United States, in January. 

But the latest information circulating says that the launch schedule of both devices will be exchanged. The Galaxy X folding cellphone is likely to appear in January, while the Galaxy S10 will probably follow the usual schedule for the launch of the Galaxy S series, which is on the MWC event.

Previous reports said that Galaxy X folding phones would be limited edition devices. The amount of production is estimated to be only 300,000 to 500,000 units, far less than the Galaxy S series which can reach tens of millions. Also read: Galaxy X Had Shown on Samsung Official Site The price of Galaxy X is expected to be more expensive than the Galaxy S10. According to information there is a possibility the Galaxy X tag can penetrate the range of 1,850 US dollars. If it really slides in January 2019, then the Galaxy X may be ready to be released to the market the following month, along with the launch of the Galaxy S10. 

Samsung Galaxy X

 As for the Galaxy S10, Samsung is still silent about this new flagship candidate. The South Korean manufacturer still seems to be concentrating on the launch of the Galaxy Note 9 scheduled in the near future.

Regarding the screen size of the device, Kim said the Galaxy X OLED screen when stretched would reach 7.3 inches. While when folded, the screen size is estimated to reach 4.5 inches.

Kim added, before being sold to the market, Samsung Electronics plans to showcase the Galaxy X prorotype to operators in the United States and Europe at the Consumere Electronic Show in Las Vegas which will take place early next year.

Meanwhile Samsung Electronics spokesman Kim Choon-gon said the company is indeed continuing to develop smartphones that feature folding screens. Regarding other features and specifications of the device, he declined to comment

Various kinds of innovation updates from Samsung have occurred over the past few years. Ranging from fingerprint sensors, dual camera use, to artificial intelligence embedding.

This folding screen design is considered to be one of the bridges to get a breakthrough in smartphone innovation. Samsung became one of the few cellphone vendors who were rumored to be pursuing this innovation.

Some analysts predict Samsung will release Galaxy X folding phones next year. Products at once will be the beginning of mobile phones for new categories later.

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